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Exclusively for Women in the C-Suite: VP’s and higher.

Exclusively for Women in the C-Suite: VP’s and higher. Big Impact Inc’s, Executive Coaching Services synergistically help you achieve your ambitions and desires in a fraction of the time. Women Leaders particularly trust Mark as their mentor and coach throughout the executive coaching programs. He guides them powerfully yet respectfully into the uncharted (and often turbulent) waters of personal transformation and change. Become the leader your soul is craving while optimizing your ability to maximize financial returns as well as honor corporate mandates and initiatives. Our executive coaching for women is designed to help you lead with love and gain the respect you deserve.

Below are the 3 Phases of Implementation to get started…

Big Impact, Inc. executive coaching services provide one of the most potent and insightful 360 Leadership Assessments for those interested in shifting to a culture of social responsibility and inclusion. Key stakeholders are identified and personally interviewed using our proprietary and confidential research methodology that reveals vital areas of leadership ripe for improvement.

This 360 assessment identifies patterns and maps responses of ALL stakeholder interviews to reveal deep-seated incongruities stemming from dynamics such as family of origin, trauma, or abuse. The 360 feedback interviews reveal how the Executive is perceived as a leader, often uncovering details that many Executives find eye-opening. Our executive coaching services use this innovative 360 Leadership Assessment as a basis for providing customized executive coaching programs to help women leaders collaborate with key stakeholders.

While most Male Executives become defensive when confronted with these results, many Women Leaders often seek to change the problematic behaviors that show up as unconscious patterns in their leadership style, realizing that rectifying these patterns is beyond their ability to change independently and on their own. A big part of our executive coaching services for women is to help them harness their ability to recognize and work through problematic behavior while urging partners to do so as well.

Visionary Woman

A confidential review of findings will be conducted approximately 4 – 6 weeks following the initiation of the assessment. This can be done in person or live via Zoom video, which gives women leaders the flexibility to work through our executive coaching programs on their own time.

With the review of findings based on the assessment analysis, a Leadership Development Plan will be presented giving the Executive opportunity to address the often alarming results of the assessment. Even though some of the results can be alarming, our executive coaching services will work diligently with women leaders to enhance and adapt their leadership style to suit the needs of the organization.

Investment: $1500 – $2500 per interview

Confident Leader White Female.

Starts with a 360 Leadership Assessment

Our executive coaching services will provide women leaders with a customized leadership development plan in Conscious Leadership, which will be presented at the Review of Findings following the assessment.

Executive coaching services for women should be adapted to handle the changing workforce. We focus on the mindset, strategy, and team of the woman leader to provide a well-rounded and comprehensive strategy for success.

In addition to addressing the specific issues revealed within the assessment, additional initiatives concerning Conscious Leadership will include…

Investment: Customized based on scope of work

Starts with a 360 Leadership Assessment

Once Executive Coaching Programs in Conscious Leadership are established, Culture Design Consultation in the tenets of Conscious Capitalism will ensue in accord with the development plan previously established.

Conscious Capitalism would be focused on four primary areas…

Our executive coaching programs are designed around the belief that Women Executives have a proclivity to create dynamic corporate cultures of inclusion and social responsibility that will usher in A New Earth. Some of the most powerful women leaders in the world run amazing teams who are satisfied, fulfilled, and happy in their workplace. Executive coaching services for women should be focused on using a woman’s ability to actively listen, engage, and change underlying team issues. While some male executives tend to get defensive when approached with team concerns, our executive coaching services urge women leaders to focus on solving the problem so everyone is happy. Think about the movie “9 to 5” and the cultural transformations that took place when women run the world…
or in your case… the company.

Investment: Customized based on scope of work


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