Women Supporting Women:

Unleashing the Power of Women Leadership Together

Despite major strives in gender equality and women’s representation in the workplace, harmful and outdated barriers to women’s growth and influence as leaders are still in place all around the world.

We’re not just talking about the gender pay gap or the complicated life/work balance of professional women who choose to become mothers. What we have to deal with as ambitious women leaders is an environmental barrier where the unique power of women leadership’s style is not recognized as a force for good.

Fortunately, the hard work of self-assured women leaders has started to pay off and create real change: women at work are now reforming and complementing how we operate in the workplace.

“Women supporting women” is so much more than a feel-good slogan — we simply wouldn’t be where we are today if it wasn’t for the amazing women leaders who have come before us.

Women Leadership
So, what if you could be a true mentor, an inspirational figure, and a trailblazing speaker for another woman just like you?

What if you could start becoming “the woman that came before”, today?

Women supporting women are the future of a new idea of work. Work that is designed to drive positive change worldwide, transform hearts and minds, bring kindness and revolution into outdated models of what business growth and profit are supposed to look like.

BigImpactHQ differs from other women’s empowerment programs as it strives to look at the big picture.

Women Leadership


How is the culture of women supporting women going to impact the world in a positive way?

Women Leadership


How are confident women in leadership roles going to create a more conscious and sustainable business environment?

Women Leadership


How do women’s empowerment programs like ours cultivate an atmosphere of mutual support for women in the workplace and how can positive leadership representation affect the future women leaders of tomorrow?

These are key questions we intend to answer and the type of effective change we want to propel forward with our women leadership coaching.

When women support women, the benefits can be immense

Most workplaces employ a great number of female workers — but that doesn’t mean that women’s voices are equally heard and valued.

When women occupy leadership positions with quiet, non-boisterous confidence, they can help create more ideal working conditions for all the other women that work with them, since they know what it truly feels like for women at work to be satisfied and happy with their professional environment.

Women in leadership can advocate for other women’s needs from a place of empathy and shared experience, vouching for adequate maternity leave, equal pay, and fighting workplace harassment. From a more enriching, childcare-friendly, and open-minded workplace to the nitty-gritty of women-centric negotiations, women leaders can touch and change the lives of other women and their families forever.

Women leadership in a male-dominated world of business requires constant advocacy.

The workplace environment we’re all familiar with today was not designed with the unique needs of women in mind, so it’s up to confident women leaders to uplift their peers and propose corporate policies that benefit women’s happiness and growth within a company. Whether it’s better representation, better pay, better work/life balance to spend time with a growing family, flexible work opportunities, or simply a workplace free of both subtle and overt gender discrimination, there’s nothing that can’t be achieved when “women supporting women” is the guiding motto.

Seeing accomplished women in authoritative and influential leadership positions is also incredibly important for the confidence of younger women who are just beginning to enter the workforce.

Male-dominated fields can often feel intimidating, inaccessible, and even downright antagonistic to professional women.

That’s hardly surprising: if women are not consistently exposed to other capable, self-assured, and influential women occupying the roles they wish to go into, they will never believe that there are spaces open and welcoming to them. The truth, however, is that today’s business world is full of opportunities — we just need to feel empowered to take up the space we rightfully deserve.

For that reason, the power of mentorship cannot be underestimated.

Women Leadership

Women at work have the power to create real and sustainable change

Supporting women in leadership can bring much more than just women-centric benefits.

Businesses of all sizes can create a thriving corporate culture as a result of a happy female workforce, increasing workplace productivity, increasing revenue, boosting their standing in the industry as forward-thinking companies, and attracting more conscious prospects and more confident future employees in the process.

Simply put, when women leaders, executives, and all other female employees are supported and uplifted, everybody wins