The Values That Guide Us:

Conscious Leadership

In the age of ruthless competition and workaholism, leadership styles based on constant micromanaging, strict hierarchies, and top-down communication may seem like the only effective way of managing a team.

The mindset of getting it done (no matter the human cost) may have been left unchallenged in male-dominated industries — but times are changing, and the need for a more empathetic, conscious leadership is more pressing than ever.

The world of business is changing in many ways. Customers and stakeholders are increasingly expecting leaders to implement ethical practices in all their operations, toxic and exploitative workplace environments are being exposed for the world to judge, a commitment to environmental sustainability is rapidly becoming a standard assumption.

This gradual shift in global consciousness calls for a new business model, and the consciousness business model calls for truly forward-thinking leaders to help it succeed.

Driven by a more empathetic, collaborative, and self-aware consciousness, leadership is becoming synonymous with quiet competence and care, rather than cold hard authority.

Of course, the role of a leader is still to lead. Businesses still need hierarchies and specialists to see a project through with efficiency and professionalism. The concept of authority is still valuable to command a sense of security and order — people need someone to look up to and they need someone to come to when problems arise.

Conscious Leadership
But what if that someone could be a leader that will truly listen to your concerns?
What if they were an inspiring woman who understands the role that empathy plays in effective communication and problem-solving?

What if they were keen to listen to your ideas, value them, and actively discuss them in the same way they would with their superiors?

That is exactly what conscious leadership is all about.
Conscious Leadership
Conscious women leaders strive to focus on the “we” rather than the “me”, identifying constant collaboration as the driving force behind their company’s success, rather than finding pride in their unchallenged authority. These women recognize that their role as leaders is to inspire, facilitate, and cultivate an atmosphere of trust and cooperation across the board — not sit behind a chair with a bird’s eye view, giving orders.
woman shows working plan
Conscious leaders use their influence to create positive change, whether it’s nurturing a better company culture where everyone can feel heard and valued or implementing policies that promote sustainability and social responsibility.
two persons at work
And the best part of all this is that conscious leadership can be learned, no matter how many years you’ve been in the business and how many “old leadership” habits might already be part of your day-to-day leadership approach!

The Consciousness Business as a Ticket to Success

So, what are the benefits of incorporating a conscious leadership style into a business model? At the end of the day, knowing how better leadership will affect our daily productivity, communication, and ROI is the most important part of the process — especially when you have to explain your leadership choices to someone else.

The main benefit of running a consciousness business is increased effective communication. Just think of all the misunderstandings you may have encountered when your team doesn’t know how to get their ideas across in a clear, concise way, on top of not knowing how to practice active listening.

Great communication starts at the top, with a leader who has mastered their empathy and listening skills to cultivate a collaborative work environment.

Conscious leaders are able to nurture an atmosphere of creativity, flexible thinking, and purpose-driven work. This is a perfect recipe for happy and motivated employees, satisfied clients, and enthusiastic stakeholders.

You are not just running a business, you are creating a better culture. The results of your self-awareness and influence will manifest in the people around you, creating a chain of positive change for your industry at large.

Conscious leadership has been recognized as the new management imperative, so it’s time to catch up with the times!
Whatever your background may be, we want to guide you through the ins and outs of consciousness leadership by providing you the tools and resources you need to grow as a woman in leadership.



Feminine Influence for A New Earth

Expand your awareness of Conscious Leadership so that you can serve as an example of wisdom that arrives when you stop leading like a man and unleash your feminine influence.

Showing up as your authentic self, full of care, empathy, and unbridled creativity can affect much more than just your workplace. If you believe that your work has the ability to make the world a better place, practicing conscious leadership can help you unlock your true potential to inspire, guide, and become a game-changer in your industry.