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So, you want it all.

You want a career to be proud of, a career others can be envious of, and a career that allows you to show up as your authentic self while making a positive impact on the world.

You want to be fit and healthy, achieve a better work/life balance, take care of your mental health and practice daily self-care, have plenty of time to dedicate to your family and closest friends, raise a baby and teach them all your values, nurture a partnership based on mutual respect, mutual goals, and equality.

You want a constant stream of career development opportunities in your inbox, a solid bank of knowledge on all things business, a quiet, respectful confidence to speak your truth and communicate your world-changing ideas, and a mastery of the latest public speaking, presentation, and proposal strategies.

It may sound like a pipe dream to many, but if you have the drive to see all your life and career goals through, have the knowledge to understand how to apply forward-thinking ideas into your day-to-day work, and have mentors and peers around you to guide you through the process, there is nothing you can’t achieve.

At BigImpactHQ, we want to cultivate a new concept of leadership, tailor-made for today’s women leaders.

Free of overly hierarchical structures, free of rigid and oppressive mindsets, free of judgment and discrimination of any kind, free of unethical processes that neglect social responsibility and environmental sustainability in the pursuit of profit.

Women leaders have always been trailblazers and game-changers. So, as we move toward a more conscious and sustainable future, the world finds itself in need of exactly this new kind of leadership in order to thrive and sustain a more purpose-led mission.
If you feel like your values as a person and a leader align with ours and you are looking to be a part of this inspiring shift in corporate culture, you can join a community of leaders and mentors that are dedicated to helping you own your most ambitious self.

Our membership program doesn’t just accept everyone willing to fill out a form: we want to create a community of successful women leaders who have already achieved impressive feats throughout their career, and they are looking for ways to make their impact even greater.

Each applicant goes through a rigorous process intended to select women leaders who will really walk the talk, becoming mentors themselves, and inspiring countless other professional women to follow in their footsteps in the process. Within our membership community, you’ll find incredible women who are not just high-earners with impressive resumes, but also high-purpose driven thought leaders set to transform the future of business leadership through their voice and actions.

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If you’re feeling right at home already, you can join the waiting list to be considered and be part of an exclusive space where women can want it all and have it all too!

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