COVID has changed everything…



Across the world the most important decisions affecting us are made in a room of men… with very few women at the table.

BigImpactHQ™ provides elite leadership and influence training for women so they can step into leadership roles that impact decisions, elevate society and heal the planet.


Feminine Influence for A New Earth

Unleash Your
Feminine influence
and Become the Most Persuasive Leader
in the Room

COVID has accelerated a MASSIVE transition of the World Economy, as well as our awareness of what is no longer working. This dynamic is forcing companies to change the way they do business and to pay attention to the things that actually matter… like women, diversity and the environment.

The oppression women experience at the mercy of “toxic masculinity” is reflected in the state of our environment and lies at the source of Mother Nature’s pain.

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Environment Earth 1950 2050

Mother Earth is Dying.

Runaway climate change is destroying life all over the planet… and if we don’t act soon… it will destroy us too. The very dynamic that’s killing the planet is the same energy that’s oppressing women.

Women Meeting Diversity Leadership

The future is Female.

Women are taking a big stand on issues like gender equality, sexual harassment and climate change. This trend is giving rise to a movement that is altering the way business is done… and more importantly the need for women who lead.
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Women Do Things Differently.

Unprecedented opportunity for women to seek leadership roles exists like never before with all sectors of the global economy rebuilding in the aftermath of COVID and now is the time for women like you to rise as leaders.
Through COMPASS bigimpactHQ™ offers specialized skills and knowledge for women to become a bold and courageous leader. It’s time for you to take your seat at the decision making table and add your experience and perspective to the global issues that trouble us all?
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Men in rooms making decisions on behalf of women Must stop here!

Expand your awareness of Conscious Leadership so that you can serve as an example of wisdom that arrives when you stop leading like a man and unleash your feminine influence.


Feminine Influence for A New Earth
The depth of pain and destruction caused by the “Toxic Masculine” has finally been exposed.

Along with COVID, racism, corporate greed, #MeToo,
a whole host of oppressive energies have surfaced. As a woman, you’ve suffered at the hands of this same toxic energy in the form of

Gender bias, Unequal pay and Sexual Harassment.

The toxic masculine has created an unbearable crisis for women…

You’re in a state of constant worry – you just can’t turn your brain off… you feel out of control and off your A game.
You really have no idea how to effectively present your ideas and influence outcomes.

At bigimpactHQ™

We believe the future is female and is asking for a new kind of leadership. We understand the pain of not being seen, heard or respected which is why we’re the world’s leading authority on persuasion and influence training for women leaders.

Unleashing your “Feminine Influence” counteracts the toxic masculinity that’s oppressing women and killing the planet


Feminine Influence for A New Earth

“We believe
The Future is Female
and is asking for a new kind of leadership.”

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At bigimpactHQ, we know you want to make a bigger difference and be an agent of change. In order to do that, you need to stop working like a man and start using your feminine influence.

The problem is society tells you this is the only way to succeed. Inequality, under representation and gender bias are everywhere which leaves you feeling hopeless, exhausted, and like you’re simply not good enough.

We understand the pain of not being seen, heard or respected which is why we’re the world’s leading authority on persuasion and influence training for women leaders.

HERE'S HOW WE do it:

We help you unleash your authentic Feminine Power that allows you to step onto the path of self mastery and own your authority. Our proven 4 Ms technology serves as an inner guidance system and COMPASS that directs your decisions, actions and communication from a space of personal power in these five areas of life...

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Burnout, indecision and stress are robbing you of power and the 4 Ms of Feminine Power will fuel your energy, disrupt the stress response and reset the parasympathetic nervous system so that you are finally free to impact the world.

You’ll have the spaciousness, clarity & skillset to Lead, Speak & Inspire as a woman leader with courage and grit.



Lead Your Life - Get clear of your priorities and set clear boundaries that free you from the energy of obligation and overwhelm. Master leadership in ALL the areas of your life (not just work) and be more grounded as you heal your wounds and unite your family.

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Speak Your Truth - Discover how to present yourself with certainty so you become magnetic and influential with men, women and groups. Be unassumingly powerful as you learn to use your voice and step into presentation mastery. Impact every room as you communicate ideas more clearly.



Inspire the Masses - Exude “feminine influence” and inspire others to give you what you desire. Unleash a vision of change that creates a movement, heals the planet and inspires other women to do the same.

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Learn how to become the most persuasive leader in the room.

Stop being overlooked and start being recognized as the Thought Leader of your industry.


Feminine Influence for A New Earth
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Mark and Shannon Grainger

are the Co-Creators of Big Impact HQ, helping multiple 6 Figure Professional Women lead, speak and inspire so they can get their voices heard and change the planet.

Having consulted with some of the biggest brands in the world including AFLAC, Marriott International, Porsche, Harley Davidson, Clear Channel Communications, Anheuser-Busch and Mary Kay Mark and Shannon have been long time advocates for women leaders.

As Conscious Capitalism Consultants and Conscious Leadership Executive Coaches Mark and Shannon are passionate about working with organizations and their leaders who see business as the answer to the world’s greatest challenges… and are ready to take on the challenge of building a profitable corporate culture of sustainability and personal transformation.

In 2014, they launched Big Impact, Inc – a seminar and training company that has trained over 3000 women leaders in the art and science of feminine influence & persuasion.

These women have used their skills of leadership & presentation to own their thought leadership, having generated over $43 Million dollars in revenue in their own businesses and going on to speak on some of the world’s most coveted stages, including TEDTalk, Tony Robbins, Good Morning America and The View.

We believe leadership is an “inside out” game… in order to grow as a leader, YOU need to grow personally. In order to be more effective, you need to expand your consciousness, skill acquisition, relationship & communication skills

We believe that millions of women, who are experts in their field, are craving a skill-set that allows them to distinguish themselves as leaders in their industry. Big Impact HQ was created as a leadership platform built exclusively for multiple 6 Figure Women Professionals, to help them be seen and heard so they can rapidly make their big impact in the world.

Our Partners

A Woman’s Touch
Can Simply Change Everything
in Business, In Life…
and On Planet Earth

Hollywood, business and even politics are grappling with the “Unleashing of Feminine” energy – yet so few recognize the massive benefits of having women lead our world. It’s not about making men wrong or competing against them – it’s about creating a path that’s unique to women so you can get out of “man mode” and start creating from a space of love… like a woman leader who has unleashed her feminine influence.

Now is the Time...

It’s time women step up and lead - not just companies… but lead countries and the world as well.

Take a Stand…

Discover the part of you that’s ready to speak your mind. Have your opinion valued and heard as an influential thought leader.

A Force For Change…

Business & Conscious Leadership is the vehicle to change the world. Now is your time to own your power as a woman leader.


Massive change is among us and as women embrace this as opportunity, more women will lead nations, achieve great wealth, honor the children and Mother Earth in the process.


Feminine Influence for A New Earth



Tired of communities full of ambitious but inexperienced beginners? COMPASS is an elite women’s membership of 6 Figure+ income earners who are passionate about personal growth and hungry for a community where the standard of acceptance is rigorous. Belonging to COMPASS allows you to set sail toward your North Star with women who have the grit and experience to be a beacon of support.

We get it… you’re BUSY. We created COMPASS as a membership that is integrated into your life and helps you get better results with less effort.

Centering your life around the 5 P’s (Presence, Partnership, Profit, Physicality & Play) will make you more magnetic without effort. You’ll feel more balanced (and less BITCHY!), more fulfilled knowing you’re reaching your potential and living your best life.

COMPASS is an ACCELERATED personal growth program for women who already know the path… but struggle to walk it. This isn’t about putting more content into your mind… it’s about expanding your awareness and reframing all your busy-ness & doing from a more grounded place of being.

This is about seeing yourself differently - seeing yourself as already having the resources and power to achieve your desires and ambitions. Magic occurs when you raise the expectations of yourself as a woman who has been doing the work for years.

We help you embrace a new way of being and live by a CODE where others hold you accountable until they witness you “walk your talk.” It’s a curriculum of SELF MASTERY and behavior modification that helps you take what you know and customize it… we call it Feminine Lifestyle Design™

We get it! - from pilates, the gym, netflix, etc… it all starts to add up.

Yet, there are some of these memberships you’ll never give up - they’re just too valuable. What you’ll be experiencing and integrating in COMPASS is well worth 10s of 1000s of dollars. It’s not “another monthly membership”, it’s a Feminine Lifestyle Design™ System that automatically elevates your fulfillment in life and performance at work so that you're living your purpose with ease and grace.

By tapping into and unleashing your feminine potential, the sky's the limit… you’re sitting on treasures of gold, million dollar ideas and lucrative partnerships… $97/mo is a drop in the bucket when you compare it to the transformations you’ll experience. Become a better leader… a better spouse… a better parent.

We could easily charge $20K for a mastermind type model but we want this to be a cornerstone in your life - for years to come at an affordable price. And - if you’re not completely satisfied you can cancel anytime.

Great question and something to get real and honest about within yourself.

How tired are you of being exhausted, burned out and depleted? Being overlooked at work, going unseen, unheard and disrespected? It’s all pretty overwhelming isn’t it? This is why you need support and to stop trying to do it all, you don’t need to be superwoman or have it all together.

After developing 1000s of women leaders, we know exactly how to move the needle to quickly impact your life. We’re clear that you give your power away constantly and to change that you need to go deep… not wide, with content that’s relevant to solving the problems you face everyday as a mom… a wife… a woman leader.

Let’s face it, the world is overflowing with content… this is a membership about your personal transformation and ability to access your feminine power - faster, more often and with far less effort.

Being a leader isn’t easy… especially in a man’s world. You have a lot of demands on you and you’re fucking busy. If you keep doing what you’ve been doing… if you keep playing the game the same way… you’ll never know the joy of owning your authentic power and reaching your full potential.

Now is the time to unplug from the matrix and start using your feminine gifts of intuition, charisma and persuasion to have your way in the world.

COMPASS is a powerful leverage point that operates at the level of cause - It’s a lifestyle design eco-system that transforms the most important areas of your life. You’ll find yourself less stressed, more focused and enjoying family, marriage and alone time like you haven’t in years.

If you’re already great at self-care, you’ll absolutely LOVE this program as you see just how comprehensive and transformative it is. COMPASS goes way beyond self-care and is a personal development system to enhance your charisma and influence. This is a skill you can always get better at and continually master and refine.

With COMPASS you take what you’re already doing in your self care, to an entirely new level with purpose and direction. The skill acquisition of persuasion & influence will only change everything in your world! That results in having more of what you desire (with a whole lot less effort!) as a parent… a spouse and a career woman.

And if you struggle with being consistent with your self-care, COMPASS will guide you into daily practices that fuel your power and give you a container with a high level community of badass women leaders.

You’re overwhelmed, exhausted and stressed because your power is leaking all over the place. This causes men to question your leadership and even worse, it causes you to question your own value.