Calling All Women Experts, Speakers & Influencers...



How Much More Of The Overwhelmed… Overworked… Pissed Off…
Burnt Out… Version Of Yourself Are You Willing To Tolerate?

We help ”BADASS” women experts who are frustrated and overwhelmed by the complexity of their six figure business by replacing it with a simplified 7-Figure business model called the “Million Dollar Message”.

We train and consult six and seven figure women every single day. ALL OF THEM struggle to admit to themselves the toll the backend of their business it’s having on their body, their relationships and their soul. You’re not alone.

Take a moment to check-in with yourself to see if any of this resembles YOU…

  • You move through life and business like a “FORCE OF NATURE” pushing
    through it all because you’re determined to GET IT DONE… and you do!
  • You get more ACCOMPLISHED than anyone they know… but do so working
    nonstop… and it’s NEGATIVELY impacting your nervous system, adrenals and hormones.
  • You’re VERY SUCCESSFUL in one aspect of life but FAILING MISERABLY in
    most other areas… usually marriage, family and health.
  • You’re  SECRETLY hiding because the STRUGGLE to keep it all together is so overwhelming and exhausting
  • The darkness of your reality has you reaching to food, alcohol, Netflix and
    usually “more work” to avoid the OVERWHELM.

All this FORCE without feminine FLOW is leaving a path of destruction behind all your good work. You’re addicted to the HUSTLE… at the cost of your own fulfillment, joy and happiness.

Building a 7-Figure business should be simple. Most complicate things
and get gripped by the overwhelm they’ve created. Learn the Million Dollar
Message Framework and discover a simple 7-Figure business
model that’s generated almost $100 Million for our clients.

There Are 3 Ways You Can Learn The Million Dollar Message Framework. Which one is right for you?

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Watch The
On-Demand Masterclass

Want to work less and speak more with a 7-Figure business model that works?

Discover the Million Dollar Message Framework… it’s available for you to watch at your leisure in the comfort of your home or office with the BigImpactHQ “Message To Millions” Course.

In this online course, Mark & Shannon show you how the formulas used by the most influential speakers in history provide a proven blueprint for building a 7-Figure “Cash Machine”.

In this course you’ll discover the 3-part framework that will help you use the power of speaking  to engage more customers and convert more sales while building a 7-Figure business you love. 

Perfect for women experts who love speaking and leading events and want to learn 7-Figure influence frameworks that have worked for decades.

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Take The “Speaker Audit” And
Uncover Your Customized Path
To 7-Figures

Want clarity on why your business is so overwhelming?

Take BigImpactHQ’s “Speaker Audit” and get customized feedback on your current skills and systems.  Accurate measurement of these sets the stage for your next best move and consists these 3 deliverables.

    • The Scalability Assessment uncovers system gaps and inefficiencies in 8 areas of business optimization
    • The Personal Inventory Questionnaire™ reveals gaps in your ”inner-game” and skillsets.
    • The 60 min 1:1 Report of Findings will review your scores to create a customized 7-Figure Growth Plan.

Most successful and highly driven women hate that the backend of her business is a shitshow of complexity and overwhelm… but have no one to talk to about it. Now you do.

Perfect for women experts who are exhausted but READY to adopt a more simplistic approach to building a sustainable business that makes her millions.

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Attend The 1 Day Marketing
Strategy Workshop

Want to clarify your business strategy and create a 7-figure growth plan in just one day?

At the  BigImpactHQ “7-Figure Expert” Workshop you’ll get a full afternoon of training from Mark & Shannon as you create your customized 7-Figure growth plan.

With two 7-figure mentors in your corner and by your side, you can feel confident knowing you have a strategy that works.

Perfect for any women expert who’s wants a simplified 7-figure business strategy with the help of a mentor, so she knows that it will work.

We Help Women Experts
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BigImpatHQ™ Co-Founders Mark & Shannon Grainger
Home V6 – Jann King
Mark & Shannon Grainger Leading “Big Impact Experience” Live Event
Home V6 – Jann King
Mark & Shannon Grainger Leading “Big Impact Experience” Live Event

Hi there.

The impact you seek requires more than great stage presence and a knack for speaking. It requires a 7-Figure strategy.

We’re Mark & Shannon and we co-founded BigImpactHQ™️ to do one specific thing:

Help Women Experts Build A 7-Figure
Business By Increasing Sales Conversions
On Stage, Online And In the Media

You dream of disrupting your industry,  of elevating your podcasting, YouTube and social media followers into the millions.

Over 87% of “Influencers” fail to have a backend conversion system that gets clients, builds community and generates wealth. With BigImpactHQ’s “Million Dollar Message” frameworks you get a 7-Figure strategy designed to elevate the machine behind your message.

If you’re at this page you’re feeling called to become better… as a speaker on bigger stages…  as a leader of your team… and a better CEO for your company. BUT – you’re too f#*king busy.

Whether you’re an established speaker or a well paid multi-six figure expert, you deserve the support and specialized knowledge that helps build financial freedom and grow your business without overwhelm.

We help you with three simple steps 1.) Presenting More Persuasively 2.) Selling 7-Figures From the Stage and 3.) Converting More Sales On Stage, Online & In the Media.

We help you free your time with proven framework installs for all three. Plus, so much more.

We show you how to cut
expenses, double production and
convert bigger audiences

Your Business At?



But First, let’s meet Mark & Shannon

As Co-Founders of BigImpactHQ™️ we’re a husband-and-wife team brought together to change the world by amplifying the voices of the world’s most powerful women.

Our purpose is to unleash the power of voice in women leaders all over the planet so that together we can usher in “A New Earth.” 

With over 3000 women attending our signature event “Big Impact Experience” and over 600 women participating in Big Impact Accelerator, our frameworks and systems have helped Business Women from 11 different countries generate almost $100 Million in revenue for their own businesses. 

Many have spoken on some of the world’s most coveted stages… Tony Robbins, CNN, Mama Gena, Good Morning America, Tedx and The View.

We’ve created a highly successful community of multiple 6 & 7 Figure Business Women. These “badass” women are impacting lives and changing the world. 

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We provide frameworks that make growing your business easier and with less stress. But first – let’s find out “Where’s Your Business is at?”

Unleash Your Feminine Influence and Become The Most Persuasive Thought Leader In The Room

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Home V6 – Jann King
Home V6 – Jann King
Home V6 – Jann King
Home V6 – Jann King
Home V6 – Jann King
Home V6 – Jann King
Home V6 – Jann King
Home V6 – Jann King
Home V6 – Jann King
Home V6 – Jann King