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You’re finally on the phone with your prospect, excited to offer them your life changing program that your soul was meant to deliver in this world and the big problem drops: How do you land a new client while being authentic to your message?

In other words – you want your new prospect to buy your program, but you don’t want to ‘Sell’ it.

Exciting news: Today’s post will reveal a HUGE breakthrough in how to land clients over the phone while having a completely soulful conversation.

In the past few posts, we went into great detail to help you spread your message to more people.

So you’re making lots of money while making a big impact in the world.

Now, you’re going to learn the 10 ways to enroll an ideal prospect in a 30 minute call.

Shannon here – and I’m going to give you some actual scripts that you can use right away.

These scripts are extremely valuable – so make sure to print out this post or share with someone who needs help enrolling more clients.

10 Steps To Close Your Next Client In A 30 Minute Soulful Conversation Here are the 10 steps: 1. Purpose – LEAD the call by stating the purpose.

“[Name] so awesome to be speaking with you.

Over the next 45 minutes I’m going to help you [solution you offer] and I’ll begin by listening to what you most need now, ok?

So all I need from you is to be honest and open, cool?

”The purpose of course is them being committed to moving forward to change their life because of the solution/program you have.

2. Challenge – Then ask them what their #1 challenge that they’re facing now pertaining to your niche.

LISTEN to their challenge.

They’re opening up to you because they trust you and this is a moment of soulful honesty of what they need from you.

3. Dig – Here’s a golden secret: the more you dig and clarify exactly what their pain is and what goal they’re after – the easier it becomes for them to sign up.

So Lead, Listen and now DIG to find out all the details of what pains them and what they crave to change.

Here’s a ‘Dig’ question to ask: “Can you tell me more about that?” or “What’s important to you about that?”

You’re looking to find what they’re pained by and what they crave.

4. Cost – What is their pain costing them?

So, let’s say you’re an energy healer and your potential client is talking about feeling constantly overwhelmed in their hectic life right now, you’d ask: “What’s that overwhelm costing you right now?” – this further clarifies the deeper pain they feel, which opens them up to your program to change this for the good.

5. Imagine – Once the pain has been clarified, and you have a vivid picture of what goal they crave, now paint the picture.

Start with the word ‘Imagine’ and then paint the picture, using their words, of experiencing and having what they most deeply crave.

6. Bond – In a few sentences, tell your own story (or one of your success story clients’) of struggle in this area, how you discovered the solution (your program) and a few impactful results you’ve had because of it.

This creates a real bond.

7. Offer – With confidence and excitement, make your offer (check out the OAK post that goes into making the offer in great detail) that solves the exact problems THEY mentioned, using their words.

8. Urgency – Right before you end the offer, add one element of authentic urgency.

Something like, “Because I really connected with you and know this program will change your life forever, if you enroll in this phone call you’ll get a 45% discount”.

9. WAIT – Finish the offer by saying, “[Name], now tell me, are you ready to get started to [solve the problem/get the solution] right now?” – and immediately be silent and wait.

Let your prospect digest it and don’t confuse them with any other details.

This is a powerful moment of clarity and commitment for your prospect – be present and let them respond.

10. Purpose – Most every call you’ll have, there will be questions after this.

Some people will not say yes right away.

While we created an entire 3 day event to give you a much deeper training on this life-skill, here is the main point.

At this point, they’re feeling uneasy about committing to your program – because change is always unsettling.

So you must LEAD the call by bringing back all those doubts back to their desire to change.

See their doubts and turn them into desire.

The desire of the original reason they’re on this call.

The more you stick to PURPOSE of them being committed to change, the more these prospects will sign up with you on the spot.

** BIG IMPACT SHAREABLE” See your Tribe’s doubts in themselves as a deeper desire to commit to their transformation.

Print this out, write it down – please use this.

This 10 step script is worth GOLD if you use it.

These 10 steps are for you to manifest your big impact in this world – so more and more people are transformed by your message.

Please comment below what your #1 take-away from these 10 points were?

In your corner and by your side, Mark & Shannon

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8 thoughts on “10 Steps To Close Your Next Client”

  1. Avatar for Big ImpactHQ

    I like that you maintain a client focus the whole way through, and that you dive deeper with questions and listening, so they really feel heard and that you care; I like that you explore the #1 cost of their challenge, so they can clarify this for themselves and name it out loud. I like that when the client expresses their doubts about commitment, that you normalize it-that change is uncomfortable, and that you respond by bringing the client back to remember the “cost” or discomfort of NOT changing.

    1. Avatar for Big ImpactHQ

      Awesome Jan, I love the specific distinctions you’re seeing. What’s your business, where do you need support on your next steps? Let us know how we can help. Email support@bigimpactlive.com, we’d love to you join an upcoming free webinar and meet you.

  2. Avatar for Big ImpactHQ

    Good stuff here! I recognize this exact structure from my Business Breakthrough Session with Shannon when I was 1st enrolled in the program. It’s very effective, especially the WAIT part (Step 9).

    Is the link to the OAK post mentioned in Step 7?

    Thanks, y’all!

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